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Zine-A-Polooza '05

Location: Venture Mall [Duluth, GA]
Date: July 31st 2005
Time: 10am - 6pm
Costs: Tickets $5


It is a must for DIY methodology to survive into this 21st century. We have new technologies and techniques given to us masses by the great wheel of production. So we put down our chisels and stone thus taking up our graph wire tablets, high speed copiers and gigabyte PCs to provide our modern message of ancient angst. Zinesters, Publishers, Crafters, Musicians, Comic Artists, and others... we must all gather together to create a community of minds and raise our collective voices to speak this message for it to be heard.

Zine-A-Polooza is the place for like-minded creators to meet, discuss, and share their voices with one another and the eyeing public. This is a DIY experience thus it can only be accomplished with you and through you. Our goal is to establish a yearly multi-media event for the purpose of promoting all forms of DIY creative media. By doing this, we hope to build upon the local community of independent DIY creators and encourage communication between creator and potential audience.

Zine-A-Polooza's message is that zines are just as valuable to the DIY small press community as any other avenue of expression, and so we have organized this zine event to show you what we mean. But. at the same time we are not forgetting about the rest of the small press or any of the other numerous creative art forms (crafts, print, film, music and more) while we are doing the zine thing. Therefore all aspects of the DIY community are welcome and encouraged within this convention. Won't you join us there?

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